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Experienced Crisis Navigators
When the government targets you, or a significant private lawsuit demands action, you need proven experience and tenacity on your side.

Our civil trial lawyers have decades of experience at some of the nation’s top law firms. We have handled high-stakes litigation for Fortune 500 companies, start-up companies, and individuals alike.  We have gone toe-to-toe with some of the country’s most well-regarded firms and achieved outstanding results for our clients, including in “bet-the-company” litigation.

We work closely with our clients to help them formulate and achieve their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner.  Understanding a client’s priorities and an opponent’s weaknesses is essential to any successful resolution.  While our lawyers have the skills to win at trial, we also have the judgment to know when a negotiated settlement is the wiser path.


We handle a wide variety of commercial disputes, often involving claims of common law fraud, securities fraud and False Claims Act violations. We are equally well-versed in partnership disputes, breach of contract cases and other more generalized business disputes.  We also specialize in “parallel proceedings” – situations where a client faces multiple civil, criminal and regulatory matters arising from the same circumstance.

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Helping You Navigate Complex Civil Litigation


Our team features former government prosecutors, regulatory enforcers, and seasoned criminal defense attorneys. Since we know how prosecutors think, we can anticipate their moves.  We have a proven track record of successfully defending individuals and companies in the government’s crosshairs. Our clear-eyed approach in criminal cases means that we will defend you at trial or negotiate the best possible resolution. And we will always level with you so that you know where you stand.


In parallel criminal, regulatory, and civil matters, our lawyers understand the interplay between the various proceedings.  We seamlessly represent clients in the various forums, and litigate with the goal of maximizing chances of victory in the proceedings most important to the client.

Savvy and Strategic White Collar Criminal Defense

Since its founding in 2013, our firm’s guiding philosophy is to combine “big firm” sophistication with the nimble, cost-effective approach big firms often lack. We emphasize a personalized experience for the client that serves their goals and needs.  This means flexible rates and the ability and creativity to take on cases that many big firms will not touch.

Our firm is efficient and streamlined by design. No hierarchy, no bureaucracy, no committees. Our partners dive into the details of the cases they handle instead of handing them over to more junior colleagues.  Each important decision in your case will be made by you and the partner. You will have our cell phone numbers, and we will answer your questions. We will consult with you on anything important to you.  You will always know what we are doing on your case.

Our attorneys have been recognized as Super Lawyers in Southern California, Best Lawyers in America® and we stay actively involved in our local legal community.


Small Firm Efficiency, Big Firm Talent

Our Unique Experience Benefits You

Each of our firm’s partners has decades of experience in sophisticated criminal and civil matters.  From the trenches of high-stakes civil litigation and criminal trials. From the U.S. Department of Justice, the SEC, and the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. From the District Attorney’s Offices in Los Angeles and Monterey. From the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. From past tangles with government agencies that regulate businesses. We know how our adversaries operate, and we use that experience to benefit you.


Your crisis may be “bet the company” civil litigation, an SEC investigation threatening your life’s savings and your financial future, or a criminal case putting your freedom at stake. But big law firms often charge more than $1,000 an hour for the partners that have the experience you need—rates well beyond the reach of many professionals, executives, and small-to-midsize companies.


Our firm offers you the sophisticated legal representation you need.  And our streamlined staffing and lower overhead lets us provide that expertise at a significantly lower billing rate than the big firms.

High-End Representation Without High-End Fees

Meet Our Attorneys

Seasoned Crisis Litigators in Your Corner

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